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The best start for your child.

Our nursery has been built, furnished and equipped to the highest standards. We have created beautiful and stimulating learning environments to give your children the best surroundings in which to learn and thrive. Simple unobtrusive surroundings and a wide range of learning resources create the right environment for your children to play, learn and grow.


For our youngest children (from 6 months of age), the Ladybirds room is where children develop their first love for learning. We put in place the core principles of Montessori from the outset, encouraging children to be inquisitive about their environment and be independent about the activities they choose, and excited to be at nursery.


As our children get older (between 16 and 26 months), they progress to our Dragonflies classroom. This is where they are able to build their exploration skills further, and become introduced to some Montessori learning materials. Our Dragonflies love eating independently, and becoming confident learners able to navigate their little worlds with ease.


Our Toddler classroom (just before 2 years to 3 years old) is where we begin the basic Montessori Principles. Children start to self-select their Montessori activities, and with the support of our expert Nursery Practitioners act as guides to support and build children’s confidence to a level where they are able and capable in the world around them.

Bumble Bees

Our Preschool room (from approximately 30 months to 5 years) is where children are fully immersed in Montessori activities and are prepared for school and life ahead. Children self-select all of their activities, and our expert teachers act as guides to support and scaffold children’s learning and development. The Montessori activities enhance the childrens’ independence, social skills, concentration and children learn about the wider world around them through interactive learning.The schools our children go to specifically comment upon how mature and well prepared Blossom Tree children are for starting with them.


Our purpose made secure dedicated outdoor area is where our children are able to come together and enjoy a wide variety of stimulating activities. When we’re lucky the horses on our neighbouring farm often trot over!

Our Farm Field

I am amazed how much this nursery and the staff have had such a positive impact on my little girl. Every morning we receive a warm welcome when we come into the main reception.
The food looks great with such a varied menu, it makes me jealous! The fact that it's all organic is an added bonus, knowing I am giving my son the best.
Since our toddlers joined the nursery, we have noticed so many enjoyable differences in them, notably independence, confidence and speech and we also notice them pointing out things that we know they definitely learnt at nursery.
I love that I get a detailed update on what my child has been up to in the day through an app and that the updates include pictures which I am able to then share with the rest of my family.
My son has only been at the nursery a few weeks and already I have noticed how quickly he has developed new skills. Everything from holding his own open cup to putting together puzzles.
My daughter has become more and more confident in her home life after attending nursery.
My son has progressed so well since being there and they provide such a wide range of activities for the kids. I would always recommend this nursery to anyone and will send any future children there.
My daughter has a great relationship with the staff members and will happily jump into their arms. I'm so glad I made the right choice at Blossom Tree Montessori.